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Kerana Aku Isteri Bidaan



Seasons: 1

Episodes: 28

Genre: Drama

Type: Scripted

Country of Origin: MY

First Air Date: 05-16-2022

Most Recent Air Date: 06-22-2022

To avoid a marriage arrangement, Raina Badrina has deceived Farel Zafeeq and forced him to marry Raina. But on their first night, Raina has run away with her boyfriend Aznor, leaving Farel to bear the embarrassment. As if played by destiny, Raina was found by Farel at an entertainment center after Raina was cheated on and sold to a brothel. In revenge, Farel bids to buy Raina from the brothel, not to save Raina but to torture her. Will Farel continue his plan or will he be the husband who restores Raina’s dignity as his wife given that they have never divorced.

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